GIFC Minutes 2019-04-16

A meeting of Guemes Island Ferry Committee (GIFC) was held at Guemes Library on April 16, 2019 starting at 7:06 pm. Attendees included: Allen Bush, John Hopkins, Sandy McKean, David Prewitt, Bud Ullman. Guests in attendance included Barb Ohms, Carson Parks, Mike Brown, and Edith Walden.

Sandy had forgotten the "term of art" the GIFC has been using to describe a possible future effort to modernize the GIFC Charter, and to perhaps form a non-profit corporation with proper bylaws and so forth. Dave reminded us the we whimsically called this possible effort: "Square It Up"

Unfinished business
Dave had once presented to the GIFC members that each member take one or more "area of interest" to focus on. It was reaffirmed that all members could be involved in any area; however, the GIFC might be more effective if each member took it upon him/herself to become extra knowledgeable in specific area of ferry operations; areas such as maintenance, mechanical systems, financial plans, parking, ticketing, among others were discussed as example areas.

New Business
Election of officers:

• The GIFC Charter states:
"Following the annual elections the Ferry Committee will elect its own Chairman, Treasurer and Webmaster/Communicator for two-year terms."

• The following officers were elected by 5 to 0 acclamation:

• Chairman = Dave Prewitt

• Treasurer = Allen Bush

• Communications/Web = Sandy McKean

• Furthermore it was decided that Sandy will continue to write the draft of minutes for GIFC monthly meetings. Bud will continue to apply his skills to assist the GIFC to produce various documents (e.g., letters) as needed to conduct GIFC business. Allen will be the "single point of contact" for Linetime as the Linetime owners have requested.

There was some preliminary discussion regarding how the GIFC can improve its ability to communicate with islanders by perhaps creating our own hosted web site rather than the current practice of using a curated web page on Linetime. Barb Ohms gave us a description of how GICCA has done this effectively at a modest cost. Barb suggested that Mike Brown is very helpful assisting island organizations in the use of computer technology. It was decided that using a Facebook page would not be appropriate given its wide open nature.

The GIFC members discussed the idea that the GIFC could be more effective if it produced and managed to a set of priorities. It is the intent of the GIFC to create a set of such priorities for 2019 in the coming weeks.

Another idea to increase GIFC effectiveness was to limit our monthly meetings to a fixed time frame. It was suggested that monthly meetings should start at 7:00 pm and end no later than 9:00 pm. Monthly meeting dates (3rd Tuesday of the month) and venue (GI Library) was confirmed as working well.

It was discussed that the GIFC should announce the dates for its quarterly meetings well in advance so that islanders, especially part timers, could plan their attendance. It was thought that the GIFC could announce all quarterly meeting dates for the next calendar year at the 3rd quarterly meeting each year.

Sandy suggested that making an audio recording our monthly meetings would help him accurately produce the minutes. Overall, the GIFC members felt the monthly meeting was too free-form for this to be a good idea; however, it was decided that recording our more formal quarterly meetings might well be a good idea.

Elected the 2019 slate of officers (see above)

Action Items
Prompt GIFC members to write down ideas for 2019 Priorities and Areas of Interest in email; consolidate and circulate these ideas for discussion at our next monthly meeting. (Bud)

Contact Carol Pellet to notify her that Allen will be the official contact between the GI Library and the GIFC. Allen will be the custodian of the key to the GI Library, and he will handle unlocking the door, turning on lights, and other duties to insure that the GIFC remains a user in good standing with the GI Library Board. (Allen)

Design a procedure that would allow the audio recording of the GIFC Quarterly Meetings. (Sandy)

Add John and remove Steve from the email address on Linetime. (Allen)

Reserve The Hall on June 9, 2019 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm for the next GIFC Quarterly Meeting. (Sandy)

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm
[Notes taken by Sandy McKean]